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Our Company Qingdao Rockwell International Trading Co., Ltd is a Chinese leader in the mining, production and marketing of Titanium Dioxide(TiO2). The company operates two vertically integrated plant: rutile and anatase, with annual production capacity of over 150,000 tons. We also operate our own ilmenite mine a key raw material in the TiO2 pigment production process, sulfuric acid plant, titanium slag factory. All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO-certified, and we go above and beyond traditional methods to rigorously test and ensure delivery of the highest quality pigments for the most satisfied customers. What we do We take pride in making the world brighter with the most effective whitening agent in the world titanium dioxide. This inorganic compound pigment makes hundreds of things white from your computer mouse to the paint on your wall. Paper, toothpaste, sunscreen, cosmetics and just about any other commonplace item colored white contains TiO2. Rockwell markets a range of titanium dioxide pigment grades with a brighter appearance that is often preferred by manufacturers of coatings, plastics, papers etc. Rockwell is among the lowest-cost producers of the product globally. This is of particular importance as it positions Rockwell to be competitive through all facets of the TiO2 cycle.

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